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Dear Free! ES: Episode 9,

I did not ask for you to stomp on my heart, and I do not appreciate the extra stomping it will inevitably receive once episode 10 rolls around.

Please don’t make Haru yell like that again ;A; !!

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Tales of Xillia 2 + Playable Characters

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Aska is such a sassy spirit in Milla’s character story. Omg.

Just did this one last night, I couldn’t believe my ears or stop laughing haha. He was like Shore Leave from the Venture Bros!

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Free! Occupations (2/5)
Tachibana Makoto The Fireman  ◕ ◡ ◕.

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I’ve forgotten how to person…

I’ve played nearly 30 hours of Xillia 2 over the past 3 days. Can somebody tell me how to be a human again?

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Gundam Seed : ANIME MUSIC CLIP -Directors Concept

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Pretty sure Makoto teaching kids how to swim is my new favorite thing.

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Free! Eternal Summer

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